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Across Zanskar Lamayuru to Darcha trek

lamayuru to padum trek in ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh and Zanskar, Across Zanskar trek from Lamyuru to Drcha trek is the real Zanskar Himalay trek which is most popular trek in the entire Himalayan region and this ancient Buddhist kingdom of Zanskar valley is hidden in the lap of the western reaches of Great Himalaya range.

Lammayuru Darcha trek : The trans-Zanskar trek is the most popular trek of the entire Trans Himalayan region and top most trekking routes in the world, the trekking will takes you through the trans Himalayan high way trek and the  heart of last Shangri-la  while negotiating the sizeable mountain passes,  awesome terrain and the Zanskar valley.

Grade : moderate
Trek duration : 11 days
 Highest point :Sengala
Best period : June to October. Stage first 10 days trek.

Day 01 : Delhi to Leh.
Days 02 : Drive Leh to Lamayuru.
Basgo castle, Likir and Alchi monastery.
In the 10th century when the Yarklung dynasty was founded from Tibet, Bsgos was the western boundary of the kingdom. In 14th century Ladakh dynasty was divided between Basgo and Shey and then in 1470 the king Bhagan from Basgo overcome his cousin in Shey and united the upper and lower Ladakh and moved the capital to leh the Leh palace is  living evidience and founded Namail Dynasty.

Likir monastery was built in the 14th century during the reign of fifth king Lachen Gylpo offered land to Lama Duwang chosjay, he was great mediator and in the 15th century Lama Lawng Lodos introduced Yellow order under the head of great Lama Tsongkhapa of Tibet and the abode of the monastery is incarnation of Ngari-Renpochey and the present abode is younger brother of the 14 the Dalai Lama. Monastery is beautifully located in the middle of blue gorge valley of snow cap covered mountain
Alchi monastery :
The world famous monastery built in the 11th century by the great translator Lama Rinchen Zangpo. Alchi monastery is one of the 108 temples built by Lama Rinchen Zangpo from Guge of western Tibet. The world class Mandala and murals of Alchi different from the rest as it has a fusion of Tibetants and Kashmiri arts.

Day 03: Lamayuru to Wanla
Morning visit the 11th century most spectacular picturesque monastery in central Ladakh and is believed to be the oldest and to have been the holy place of the Bon-chos at the advent of Buddhism.
Soon after visiting monastery the first day trek will start right below the Lamayuru village and you will enter in the middle of the opposite mountain of lamayuru monastery and with this you will enjoy the great view of panorama moon land while you are climbing towards Prinketi-la 3730 meters and short break at the pass for photo shot of the panorama view of the Zanskar mountain range and descend downward through narrow zigzag gorge trail takes you to Shilakong valley then finally we will view little stunning monastery which is located on  hill and Wanla village there we will have camp.

Day 04: Wanla to Hanupata. 6/7hrs
From the Wanla village walk against the river for about two hours and on the both side of river will see few families houses and their beautiful fields where they grows barley crop. The trek looks beautiful as you enter through the canon of river and spectacular view in front, after crossing the bridge while you gently ascending trekking toward the Hanupata gorge and you will reach the village and our staff will pitch the camp near the river bank.

Day 05: Hanupatta – Sirisir-la (4805m) – Photoksar.5/6hrs
This morning you will have superb mountain view to the south as head out of hanupata and gentle ascending through beautiful alpine with the yak pastureland trails and trek along the stream.On the background of Sirsir-la you see such a colourful spiky rocky mountains, different layers of landscape view and you will see a beautiful view of Sengay-la and the campsite is before the village Photoksar on the side of small river.

Days 06: Trek Photoksar –Gazo other side of Singey-la base (7 hrs)
Walking on the opposite side of photoksar village enjoy spectacular view village for long time while you walking. The gradual ascending pace upto the base of pass for about couple of hours and after few zigzag uphill till to the top. Once you reach on the top definitely you will fulfil your wish to the both side a magnificent panoramic landscape of Zanskar Mountain and snow peaks. And then downhill steep descend for 1hour from the bottom of pass to your left side the rock structures and design will appear in 3-Dimension while enjoying  continue for another hours later you will reach at campsite.

Days 07: Gazo– Lingshed (7 hrs)
After descending bit the trail reach to the Kupala pass, the village of Kongma and Skumpata you will see down below while descending through the zigzag trail. After crossing little stream you will hikes toward the Morkong-la pass, once you reached on the top far long down you will see the Lingshed village which is no doubt civilization of  the another planet.

Day 08: Lingshed to Naytse (6/ 7 hrs)
From Lingshed to the base of pass you will cover in about an hour and then steep ascending zigzag trail which take you on top of pass, it shall be better to cover the pass before noon. Do not forget to spend few minutes on the top, because soon you leaving the incredible panorama view of the alien planet of the universe including the lingshed Gonpa.The descent is far less steep the trail dropping to the stream that follows southwards after four five kilometres enters into the deep gorge with the trail while negotiating some snow bridge and you will reach the campsite.

Day 09: Naytse/Jingchen to Hanamur. 6 hrs
Either from Naytse or Zingchen campsite. From Zingchen Milk River you will begin climbing of the zigzag parfila-pass 3900meters and from the top of the pass you will see the mighty view of the famous Zanskar river and the decent is gentle and spectacular view while you trekking towards the Zanskar river the trails became relatively flat and easy as you walk along the side of the river to the Hanumur first family house of Zanskar the camp looks gorgeous because it located on the bank of Zanskar river.

Day 10: Hanamur to Pishu 5 to 6 hrs
Today little up and down against the Zanskar River and during the day you will enjoy the inhabitant’s village Pidmo and Zangla village on the other side of river. Zangla is historical place during the King reign and still the ruin palace is witness of the past. The camp at Pishu is nice meadow flat camping and on the adjacent of campsite is the pastureland of village in the evening you will see many sheep and animals of Pishu village.
At Pishu village little further upward there a tiny pretty Nunnery is established, it is interesting to visit.

Day 11: Pishu to Karsha 6 hrs
It start with easy walk towards our destination while you are walking through the terrain you will enjoy the ultimate landscape of ancient kingdom of Zanskar valley and twin principal monasteries of Stonday and Karsha is established on the steep hillock of both side of Zansakr river and just before reaching the karsha village you will see first exotic view of the great Himalayan range and snow peaks in zanskar. The campsite will pitch karsha or Youlang village.

First stage trek end