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Trekking in Himalayas

Trekking in Himalaya and the top Himalayan trekking routes in Himalayas are Mount Everest Base Camp Trek, Poon Hill and Annapurna Base camp trek, Upper Mustang Valley trek, Chadar trek, Zanskar frozen river trek, Markha valley trek in Ladakh and Zanskar are the best Himalayas trek.

The Himalayas form the mountain range in Asia separating the plains of the Indians subcontinent from the Tibetan plateau .The Himalayas has the Earth highest peak of the world . The Mount Everest 8848 Mtrs.

The Himalayas are the young folded mountain known for their snow capped Peaks, Glaciers ,Rivers and beautiful Himalayan valley and it contains all the prominent peaks of the Himalaya such as, The Karakoram contain the K2 second highest peak in the world , Kangchengunga, Stok Kangri 6150mts, Kangyatse peak 6400mtrs, NUN 7135 mts, KUN 7087 mts and so on , so Himalayas attract the millions of visitors who follow myriad paths among splendid icy-peaks in search of ancient monuments and breathtaking Himalaya panorama and Himalaya is the most popular tourist trekking destination in the world.

The best trekking season starts from May to October.

Trekking Himalaya.
The trekking in Ladakh and zanskar offers the best Adventure trek Himalaya in to the mighty Himalaya in between the mountain range of ladakh and zanskar range.The location of trekking in Himalaya ladakh and zanskar Himalaya are blessed with tranquility and peace for the trekkers. The trekking in the Himalayan region offers the best panorama view of many mountain range of ladakh zanskar .Hence the Himalaya offers the Easy treks to adventure treks and the popular short treks to famous long trekking route in ladakh zanskar.
The best trekking season starts from May to October.

The Top 10 Himalayan treks.
The ten fascinating Himalayan treks that we offers for you trekkers a life time experience to adventure trek to Loving travelers in Himalaya. The Himalayan trek routes are:
(A) Chadar Trek or Frozen River Trek.
(A).Mount Kailash Tours.
(c) Markh Valley Trek.
(d) Valley of the Flower and Hemkund Sahib trek.
(E) Lamayuru to Padum Trek.
(f) Concordia and Gondoro Trek.
(g) Everest Base Camp Trek.
(h) Gangotri Gomuhk Trek
(i) Lamyuru to Chilling trek.
(j) Stok Kangri trek..

The Himalaya tours.
(a) The Magical ladakh tours: The destination are Leh, Pangong lake,Kardongla pass, Nubra valley tour,Kargil ,Suru vaklley, and zanskar valley tours.
(b) The Himalaya Trails: The destination of the Himalayan trail are Srinagar ,Gulmarg ,Sonagmarg ,Kargil ,Zanskar valley tours and then trekking starts from padum to Darcha trek along the Himalayan trail thus the tours finishing destination in Manali.
(c) Indus valley Trail: The destination of the Indus valley tours which includes ,Leh , Alchi, Hemis ,Lamyuru and Liker.

Trek the Himalayas.
Himalaya is very famous in the world map and it is the mountains which offers and fulfill the desires of trek lovers of the world and Ladakh become very favorite places for Himalayan trekkers.

Zanskar Himalaya
The Trans- Himalaya trekking routes of the zanskar trek is one of the top most trekking routes in the Himalaya mountainous region in ladakh zanskar and this trekking routes is the most famous adventure trek Himalaya in to the mighty Zanskar mountain range of the Himalayas and while you are doing zanskar trekking one can see the Great-Himalayan-Cannon of the Zanska-Rriver is also said to be the most spectacular cannon in Asia is now popularly known as the Chadar-Trek-Expedition in ladakh zanskar or called as the Zanskar-Himalaya-Expedition.

Himalaya trek.

Trekking Himalaya ladakh.

(B)Trekking Routes in Ladakh:
Trekking ladakh zanskar.
Trekking in ladakh zanskar.
Ladakh zanskar trekking.
Trek Ladakh Zanskar
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