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Trekking in Zanskar valley, Trekking in Ladakh and Zanskar organized trekking and tours to Zanskar valley in Ladakh which is one of the most popular tourist destination for Zanskar trekking and chadar trek the zanskar frozen river trek is winter treks in zanskar valley. Trekking in Zanskar valley trails are nature’s stunning canvases trekking routes in Zanskar valley and the trek from Lamayuru to Zanskar Darcha trek is the most popular trekking routes in Zanskar valley for all over the world trekkers and Zanskar valley is located towards the south-east of Leh is enclosed by Zanskar Range and Greater Himalaya Range, by Sharaplee.

Zanskar Range: Zanskar Range is a mountain range in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir that separates Zanskar from Ladakh, geologically Zanskar mountain range is part of the Tethys-Himalaya and highest peak of the Zanskar mountain range are NUN PEAK (7135mtrs), KUN PEAK (7077mtrs) KANGYATSE PEAK (6400mtrs), STOK KANGRI PEAK (6150mtrs) and PINNICLE PEAK (6800mtrs)

Zanskar River: Zanskar River is the main tributary of the Indus River, the Zanskar River has two main branches the Doda River has its source from the Pensi-la-pass (4400mtrs) flows towards Padum Zanskar valley and the Tsarap River has two main tributaries Shingola and Baralacha-la flowing towards Zanskar valley and the Zanskar river takes a north eastern ward through the Zanskar Gorge until joins the Indus River near the Nimo village

Zanskar valley geographically, it lies between the Zanskar range and the great Himalaya range, which is most splendid isolation kingdom of the entire Trans-Hamadan region and it consist of Tri-Junction valley of Stod, Sham,Lungnak and the Y-shaped plain radiating-star is located in the lap of  great Himalaya range is situated at an elevation of 3500mts above the sea level. The Tserap and Stod River converge to form the Zanskar River which confluence with the Indus River near the Nimo village.

Zanskar the land of awe-inspiring beauty, a great destination and an exotic place in the lap of majestic Himalayan Mountains and called as white-copper valley, hermit kingdom, land of Dharma and now an ancient kingdom of Zanskar has became a famous major trekking base and a popular tourist destination for the trekking and  adventure lovers.

History : The pre-historic sculptures in Zanskar have suggested that the Zanskar has been inhabited since a long time ago. The great Skide-Nimagon ruled over the Guge in the western Tibet around 990 AD including Ladakh and Zanskar. Historical Guru Padma Sambava visted Zanskar in 8th century AD and flourished Buddhism throughout the Zansakr and constructed Nanam Guru Stupa and Sani kanishka Stupa.
Zanskar lotsava, the Lama Sharap has played Great role in promoting Buddhism in Zansakr is next to the Guru padma Sambava, Lama Naropa and Lama Marpa. Therefore, Zanskar called as a Land of Dharma centuries back.

Alexander csoma de koros : A Hungarian scholar came in search of the origin of the Hungarian and on 26th june 1823 He reached zangla village in zanskar and The zangla castle and phukthar monastery was the best institution and school of Tibetan Buddhism and home to zanskar most famous visitor,The Hungarian scholar, Alexander Csoma de koros who has studied the Tibetan language ,religion and compiled the English-Tibetan dictionary published in 1834 and Csoma de koros is regarded as a father of tibetology  and he was converted to Buddhism in zanskar  even before the Tibet.