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Markha Valley Trek

markha valley trekking tour


The Markha valley trek offers the best sampling of ladakh culture and incredible scenic beauty, Spectacular snow peaks, high passes and ancient village and the landscape will reminds trekkers the valley of  Nile valley in Egypt.

Markha valley trek is the most famous trek in Ladakh and a classic trekking route in Ladakh. Markha valley trekking offers best views of Ladakh and Zanskar range in Himalayas. Markha valley river is a river in Ladakh and it is a tributary river of Zanskar river. It starts at the junction of the Lanthang chu and Nimalaing Chu and village along the river includes Markha, Sku, Umlung, Hangkar, Markh is located in between the Zanskar mountain Ranges. Markha valley trek best time and best season is from June to September.

Markha valley trek distance: The distance of the Markha valley trekking is (78km) and the highest point of Markha valley trek is Kongmarula pass (5274mtrs)
Markha valley trek difficulty: Markha valley trekking route is moderate hiking, climbing route while negotiating through Gandala-pass and Knogmarula-pass.
Markha valley trek Altitude: The altitude of Markha valley trek is start from an altitude of (10500 feet) at Spituk and to highest point of (1760 feet) at Kongma ula-pass.

Grade : Moderate
Trek duration : 8 days
Highest point : Kongmaru-la
Best period : June to October

Day 01 Leh/Jingchen and Rumbak 5 hrs.
After the breakfast drive to Spituk and then from other side of Indus River continuously drive along with the inflow of Indus River and enter to south narrow canon tributary Zingchen river to reach village and from there trekking will start  you enter Hemis national park for the preservation of Snow leopard, Baharal and the marmot and wolf etc. Walk through a narrow trail and valley widens as you arrive Rumbak and camp at Rumbak.

2 Day. Rumbak to Gandala Base. 
The second day trek will walk through the hot spot of snow leopard and wild life Sanctuary Park and you will ascend gradually toward Yurutse an isolation family. To the left side you will see striking view of Stok Kangri and after short hiking you will reach the Gandala base camp. Camp at gandala base.

Day 03 Yurutse to Skyu 6-7 hrs
From base camp start uphill ascend so for short while it will be difficult to get in used of your physic, soon you will get back to normal and as you moving up to the pass you will see far wide long view of Himalaya with multiples colours of mountains and Stok peak, once you reached on the top Ganda-la pass 4900meter, spent few minutes for nice picture and romantic roll down, listen the whistle of marmot. Down descending is long and to Shingo via narrow hot gorge to Sku village. Camp at Sku.

Day 04 Sku to Markha 7-8 hrs.
Leave the camp early to have sufficient time in the evening at camp,to stroll around the Markha village and a small monastery to the left side of Markha river.
The day overall is long then the rest of days about twenty kilometers in distance. The trail is nice which is used by local people of the Markha valley and one river crossing at end of the day before half an hour from the camp site. Throughout the day walk against the Markha River and will pass few ruin fort and stupas to the both sides of river. Night in tent.

Day 05 Markha to Thachungtse 5-6 hours, at the altitude 4000 meters from the sea level.
After leaving the Markha village about half an hour river crossing river not so deep about two feet in June, the same river is crossing again after 15 minutes and then no river crossing until to the campsite. This day will viewed the Kang-yatse peak which is 6400meters in altitudes right from the lower Hankar village.
The campsite is beside the small river of Nimaling called Thachungtse a nice meadow camp.Night in tent. 

Day 06 Thachungtse to Nimaling 4 to 5 hours, at the altitudes of 4800 meters from the sea level.
A short day trek starts uphill ascending right from the camp after two hours walking will reach on a view top, from where will see panorama landscape of whole Markha valley and to the left side of trail will see lots mushroom peaks and to the right side the Kang-yatse peak is speaking  to you.
After continue pushing towards the pasture land camp will see more and more beautiful landscape. The campsite is quiet flat and spacious, in the evening nice rock and roll procession of Yaks, Sheep at their camp after their day grazing hiking around the Nimaling plateau, it is worthwhile to watch. Night in tent.

Day 07 Nimaling to Chu-skurmo 6 to 7 hours, at the altitude 3900meters.
Get excited to reach on the top at an elevation of 5100 meters from the sea level, about two hour took to get on the top while walking uphill at every single steps will not miss the view of Kang-yatse until to the top Gongmaru-la and keep open your eye for golden eagle.
On the top 5 to 10 minutes for photo shoot and enjoy the spectacular view, soon after steep downhill descending for one hour and then follow the gorge valley along the creek until the camp also several times creek crossing. Night in tent.

Day 08 Chu-skurmo to Hemis 5 to 6 hours, at altitudes 3700 meters.
The last day trek descends down to Sumdo village, Martselang village and then to Hemis very close to Hemis monastery. Night in tent.

Day 09 On way back to Leh visits, Hemis, Thiksay monastery and Shey palace.
Hemis monastery is located in the hidden mountain of Stok range.Thiksay monastery and Shey palace lies on way to Hemis. Shey palace was remained the ancient capital of Ladakh during the first King Lachen Spalkigon, still the ruined palace can be seen on the top of hill.The contemporary palace was built in the dusk of 16thcentury during the reign of King Deldan Namgail in the nostalgia of his father.

Tour end.