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Snow leopard Trekking in Ladakh

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Snow leopard trekking in Ladakh is most famous wildlife treks in ladakh Himalaya which passes through the Hemis National park Rumbak valley the Snow leopard capital of Ladakh region, Hemis National park snow leopard spotting in Rumbak valley is the best chances to see the snow leopard spotting in Ladakh.

Snow leopard sighting in Ladakh: the snow leopard sighting in Ladakh wildlife trek is a rare opportunity to spot elusive snow leopard in the wildlife trip, the most snow leopard trek taken place in Hemis National park in Ladakh region India is the world highest concentration of snow leopard.

Best time to see Snow Leopard in Ladakh: The best time to see snow leopard in Ladakh is from December to March month in Ladakh.

Snow leopard is locally called Shan, is the most elusive, rare, and endangered big cat in the world. Shy and wary, it has traced in an altitude above 3500 meters in Himalayan range. Snow leopard play important role in the mountain eco-system in which they live. They are the top predators in their eco-system and keep helps the population wild sheep, goat, and small mammals such as marmot imbalance. If there is healthy snow leopard population the eco- system which supports it and snow leopard can be called umbrella species and also called flagship species.

Ladakh is one of the hot zones of this extinctive animal, which found in Hemis national park of Markha valley trekking route and in Zanskar.


Grade : Moderate
Highest Point : Matho-la
Period : May to October. One week trekking

1. Stok to Changmachan 3 to 4 hrs.
Drive from Leh town to Stok village about half an hour, and then start your trek along with the Stok river uphill ascending whole the day and several repeatedly  creek crossing and the campsite is near the Stok river, you will hike approximately 300 meters from Leh town.

2. Changmachan to Mankarmo 3 to 4 hrs.
You will continue to walk against the Stok River while ascending you will see the popular Stok Kangri where expedition lover used to climb and on your every stop you will get great view of the stok summit is 6121m. The camp site is at Mankarmo close to Stok Kangri which is the highest peak around the Leh town.

3. Mankarmo to Matho Phu/Dok  4 to 5 hrs.
Crossing the Stok river start ascending all the way to reach on the top of Matho-la /pass 4860 meters and the background of the pass lie in the Zanskar mountain range also from top of pass you can viewed Stok summit and other few peaks enjoy with the beauty of nature and slope downhill descending, reach to camp where you will found shepherd hut of Matho village and have beautiful view.

4. Matho Dok to Shang Phu 4 to 5 hrs.
Before the main pass of the day, you have few smaller uphill and downhill and then you will reach on the top Shang-la 4810 meters, in between ups and downs of minor passes you will get occasional view of the Indus valley toward north. After easy roll down till the campsite, the camp has little meadow and nice view.

5. Shang phu to Chuskurmo 4 to 5 hours.
Today trek takes a new and less travelled route through valley and right from the camp starts slope ascending that will take you on the pass chokdo-la 4600meters after the pass easy trek downhill till to camp and the camping is nearby Chokdo River.

6. Chuskurmo to Shang 3 to 4 hours.
Last day descending downhill along the river and of Shang valley opportunity to see the snow leopard in the surrounding valley and passes few houses on the way to Shang village. The last camp at Shang village.

7 Day. On the way back to Leh sightseeing of the monasteries, such as Hemis, Thiksay and Shey palace.

Tour ends