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Nun Kun Expedition

nun-kun expedition in ladakh

The Nun Kun mountain massif consists of a pair of Himalayan peaks NUN peak (7135mtrs) and KUN peak (7077mtrs) the NUN peak is the highest peak in the part of Great Himalayan Range in Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir and the Pinnacle peak is the third highest peak of the NUN KUN massive is located north east of NUN peak in Suru valley on the way to Zanskar valley. Peak climbing in Ladakh and mountain climbing in ladakh offers the best climbing peak routes in ladakh Himalaya, the Nun kun massif in great Himalay Range is most frequently climbs peak in Ladakh and Zanskar.

Best period : June to September

The Nun Kun twin peak 7135 meters and 7100 meters, which lies in the great Himalaya Range and easily accessible through Kargil to Zanskar road and it has been the most attractive peak destination in the great Himalaya Range for the peak climber after the Mount Everest, NunKun peak consider as a mini Everest to the adventure lover.